The climate emergency requires urgent action, especially to reduce CO2 emissions from combustion engines, which are responsible for 30 percent of emissions in Europe. Bump aims to accelerate the energy transition and promote the use of electric vehicles by implementing a charging network for businesses, commercial properties, and retailers. Founded in 2020 by François Oudot and François Paradis, Bump is funded with €180 million by DIF Capital Partners and serves clients such as Enedis and Monoprix.

Privacy Federation

Privacy Federation is an innovative start-up based on the values of transparency, innovation and collective advantage. It reinterprets the privacy law to offer a single web portal where private users can manage their data and consents in synergy with companies in real time. It solves GDPR compliance problems, transforming a mere legal obligation into a strong competitive advantage, reduces time, risks of sanctions and strengthens trust with customers.


.exd selects and coordinates excellent talent in the worlds of strategy, marketing, creativity and technology, creating super-performing teams for brands for communication, growth and innovation projects.


Circles is the French pioneer brand in the development of natural solutions for female hormonal well-being, inspired by medicinal plants and micronutrition, which arrives in Italy to create a new way of feeling good for women, offering, in addition to its products, listening spaces and sharing, meetings and e-books, to help women live their femininity well, freeing themselves from taboos.

Scindo payments

Scindo Payments is a fintech startup that offers a deferred payment and digital collection service for freelancers. The service allows the freelancer to immediately collect the amount of the invoices and his clients to pay in four interest-free installments. The first installment is concurrent with the payment that Scindo makes to the freelancer, the other three are charged every 30, 60, 90 days.