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Le Village by CA is one of the largest innovative ecosystems in the world: 37 Villages worldwide, over 700 accelerated startups and over 600 corporate partners.

Le Village’s startups have access to a customised support programme, structured to meet the needs and requirements of each startup and designed to achieve high growth in a short time.

The map below shows the main steps in the life of a startup within Le Village

Join Le Village

Are you a startup interested in developing your business by receiving tailor-made support, business support, internationalisation and fundraising?     Join Le Village!

One-to-One Meetings

The definition of the process of accompaniment takes place through One-to-One meetings with the team of Le Village, in order to learn of your needs and structure the best way forward.

Learn & Build

Strengthen your skills by participating in the workshops that take place every week in Le Village. At least three workshops are held every month reflecting the needs of resident startups!

Exhibit, Expand, Encounter

Show yourself by participating in our Demo Days, in our one-to-one meetings with the CA Group and our Partners and at major international events (CES, Vivatech, etc.).

Network, share, celebrate

The Place is the meeting place of every Village, in which to network, share successes and celebrate with all the inhabitants of Le Village!

Be Advised, Challenged and Supported

Receive support from a professional mentor who will be assigned to your startup, to whom you can turn for advice, guidance and suggestions.

Target, Sell, Grow

Develop your business abroad too through the relationships that will be built up with Partners, with Le Village by CA ecosystem and with the international network of Crédit Agricole.

High-quality offices

Our headquarters, 2,700 square metres within a former fifteenth-century monastery in the Porta Romana area, is a multifunctional space in which to work in co-working or with individual offices.

Conquer the World

Ready to conquer the world? After two years at Le Village it will be child’s play!


Le Village’s Services

🚀Accompaniment to “Tailor-Made” business, implemented in conformity with the “needs” identified in our resident startups
💸 Assistance for fundraising, also thanks to its internal network
🌎 Development paths towards internationalisation, through the Crédit Agricole network, the Villages in France and the support dedicated to startups
by our Corporate Investment Banking worldwide.
👨🏫 Mentors, Coaches and Specialists, training and education by specialists in Le Village and partner companies.
📆  Conferences and Workshops, in a programme packed with events and opportunities for networking.


The thematic sectors

Innovation for food, wine and catering: alternative packaging, circular and sharing economy, reuse of plastic, plastic recycling, sustainable packaging, reducing food waste, innovative and alternative ingredients (plant-based proteins, invitro, new ingredients and biotechnologies, alternative proteins). health and nutrition (diet by dna- polymorphism analysis, nutritional profiles, precision nutrition, healthy lifestyle), common e-commerce and delivery platforms to make the distribution model more efficient (b2b and btc, alternative modes of delivery, digital restaurants), shopper experience (collaboration with hypermarkets / new modes of supply in normal trade channel, omnichannel and user experience), agritech (precision, genomics, regenerative, cea and cellular, animal food and feed), quality control / traceability and supply chain (safety, quality and health systems, control procedures, haccp plans and development of erp software for the food industry).

Innovation for Banks and Insurance (Insurtech): Payments, Loans and P2P Loans, Crowdfunding, Working Capital & Inventory Finance, Supply-chain Finance, Blockchain, Robo-advisoring, Algorithms, AI, Bots, Mobile Banking, Open Banking, FinTech for Legal, Insurance, Regtech and InsurTech. Prevention tools, such as connected devices and Lb home automation, remote diagnostics tools (also for use in preventive medical selection). Data analytics for customer experience management, in particular innovative solutions to enhance the customer process and customise products and/or services. Innovative and effective methods for claims management and after-sales activities in general. Business-matching platforms, negotiation/placement platforms for loans, bonds and other assets (e.g. Real Estate, NPL, etc.), scoring and rating systems.

Innovation for mobility and transport: means of transport and new mobility (hybrid and electric), infrastructure and connected devices (connected car, vehicle management and monitoring services, remote insurance), innovative energy for mobility, new materials and technologies to support energy optimisation, energy optimisation for mobility (charging stations, vehicle-to-Grid), services to support mobility (mobility as a service), sharing economy services, innovation to support business activities, logistics and processes, mobility payment.

Innovation for fashion, luxury and accessories: Retail, E-Commerce, In-Store Analytics, Supply Chain Management, Virtual Prototyping, Inventory Management, Logistics, Production Monitoring, Marketplace, Materials Innovation (Recycled Fabrics, Upcycling) Wearables, Transparency and Supply Chain Traceability, Customer Experience and Engagement.

Innovation for design, craftsmanship and furniture: interior and exterior design solutions, lighting, accessories, jewellery, lifestyle, retail solutions, materials innovation, 3D printing, home automation, innovative furniture solutions, virtual reality, augmented reality, innovative connected lighting solutions able to receive/communicate data and offer sustainable and valuable solutions to transform homes, buildings and urban spaces, reducing energy and maintenance costs.

Startups with a high innovative content interested in entering and/or developing the French market or French startups interested in the Italian market.

Innovation in the pharmaceutical field: innovative technologies for the administration of drugs, medical and diagnostic devices, technologies for professional diagnosis, wearable devices and health devices, digital health, devices for improving patients’ lives, big data for analysis and use of health data.

The Call4Startup dedicated to sustainability is implemented in collaboration with the Crédit Agricole Italia Group and a number of Le Village Partners – Bormioli Pharma, Enel, KPMG, Ferrovie dello Stato and Parmalat who have decided to explore this issue from a variety of standpoints.

Crédit Agricole Italia – “Water” theme: the saving of this resource, its recycling and its central importance for human wellbeing and health.

Bormioli Pharma, KPMG and Parmalat – “Alternative Packaging” theme (in sectors such as food and pharmaceuticals, but not only): use of innovative and sustainable materials, reduction, elimination, reuse and/or recycling of plastic, end-of-life management of packaging.

Enel – “Sustainable and Smart Cities” theme: smart home, electric mobility, smart lighting (domestic and urban), electric mobility, energy consumption, energy efficiency.

Ferrovie dello Stato – “Sustainable Mobility” theme: innovative solutions for integrated mobility to encourage people to choose the train for their business, study, leisure and tourism trips and to transfer freight traffic from road to rail.

Your startup doesn’t fall within the scope of the above thematic sectors? No problem, just submit your application to start the selection process.


Requisites for entry

⏳ From 6 months to 5 years of activity
📍 Intention of placing the entire team or a substantial part of it in Le Village spaces
📦 Presence of at least one product and/or service already validated by the market (at least 1 customer)
💰 Turnover exceeding €25,000 (except for exceptions evaluated by the Selection Committee).