Next present

With Next Present you can govern your training path through personalized experiences, fueling your passion for continuous learning. We transform the way people learn through personalization of the experience and innovative learning models. We believe in the importance of engaging and personalized learning. We enhance training by exploiting technology and facilitating human comparison.


Blank offers a 100% online business account dedicated to VAT numbers and micro-businesses. It is a company of the Crédit Agricole Group that is entering the Italian scene, after having convinced more than 35,000 customers in France. Its no-strings-attached monthly subscription proposal includes: SEPA transfers, Visa Business debit card, 7/7 customer service, insurance, accounting tools. Everything is designed to simplify the daily management of your business.


Tuduu is a retail tech startup aimed at supporting the spending journey of consumers, and in particular those who follow specific diets. The ecosystem is made up of the free mobile app and the recipes.tuduu.it and shop.tuduu.it platforms. Tuduu technology and algorithms are scalable and made available to brands and retailers with the aim of improving the UX of their users, through a plug & play approach that does not require IT integrations


Nunki is a cutting-edge platform combining large-scale data collection, AI-driven analysis, and dynamic visualization, all in real-time. Its modular system ensures precise, timely data delivery, ideal for strategic decision-making in complex environments. With its proprietary AI, Nunki offers deep insights and instant access to live content, empowering proactive and informed analysis.

Hub Project Italia

Hub Project Italia is an innovative blockchain technology-fintech startup that facilitates the creation of new energy communities and self-consumption groups through smart management of self-produced energy with renewable energy plants. The web platform aims to encourage virtuous behaviour between consumers and producers of renewable energy through the sharing of available resources and the creation of smart grids.