Nunki is a cutting-edge platform combining large-scale data collection, AI-driven analysis, and dynamic visualization, all in real-time. Its modular system ensures precise, timely data delivery, ideal for strategic decision-making in complex environments. With its proprietary AI, Nunki offers deep insights and instant access to live content, empowering proactive and informed analysis.

Hub Project Italia

Hub Project Italia is an innovative blockchain technology-fintech startup that facilitates the creation of new energy communities and self-consumption groups through smart management of self-produced energy with renewable energy plants. The web platform aims to encourage virtuous behaviour between consumers and producers of renewable energy through the sharing of available resources and the creation of smart grids.


Voted Fintech of the Year, AfterData is France’s leading compliance solution. AfterData offers European financial operators an innovative compliance solution combining machine learning and microsegmentation. Banks, management companies or family offices reduce the risk of sanctions by optimising costs thanks to AfterData Compliance’s unique technology.


Enerfip is the investment platform dedicated to the energy transition. The platform allows for diversification between supporting activities in the development phase and financing the activities of growing companies. Enerfip is preparing to launch a private equity fund, to complete its crowdfunding offer, and to allow project promoters to raise larger amounts.


Aindo was founded in 2018 by three artificial intelligence experts – Daniele Panfilo, Sebastiano Saccani, Borut Svara – as a startup of the International School for Advanced Studies of Trieste (SISSA). Aindo’s mission is to facilitate the development and adoption of advanced artificial intelligence solutions by creating a new global standard for data access and sharing, based on synthetic data technology.