Les Grappes

Les Grappes is the first community that brings together winemakers and consumers. Les Grappes is the first direct buying and booking platform with 1000 winemakers collecting for professionals and individuals.


ASC27 s.r.l. is an innovative startup founded in 2020 based in Rome that deals with Artificial Intelligence and CyberSecurity. ASC27 is part of the NVidia Inception Program and is a member of AFCEA, where it stands out for the innovativeness of the solutions presented in the MIL / Defense / CyberSecurity field.


LIFEdata is the business partner for the Omnichannel go-to-market with a continuous support of omnichannel data strategy applied to the achievement of your business objectives and a data, analytics and AI platform for the end-to-end orchestration of omnichannel .


MYCO is the HR-Tech start-up that supports companies in generating and strategically enhancing People Analytics within the Talent management processes. It offers technological and consulting solutions for the entire Talent Management cycle: Recruiting, Training, Development and Performance, with the aim of helping companies to select, develop and engage the people most in line with their culture, values and your business goals. With MYCO the most important asset of any organization evolves, Human Capital.


Fitprime is the pass that allows access to multiple gyms and sports centers by practicing outdoor activities and indoor courses with a single unlimited subscription plan. Its flexibility favors the continuous exploration of various centers by the end user, thanks to which the partners increase tours and visibility. The accesses of new users via app or website are safe and controlled. Fitprime is the first brand in the sector present in the welfare benefits of hundreds of corporates, as well as in the reward programs of countless companies.